Growth Mindset

According to historians, the oldest cartographic relic is the Babylonian World Map, a 600 B.C. clay design depicting landforms and water features of the ancient world. Over 2,600 years later, Google Maps provides precise geographical context, location and detail using satellite imagery. Examine the Withey Morris Project Map using Google’s technology, and the full scale, scope and breadth of the firm’s projects immediately become apparent. “It is astonishing because unless I look at the map and see the magnitude of it, it is hard to fathom how many cases we have been involved in,” says Jason Morris, attorney and founding partner, Withey Morris. “I also feel a tremendous sense of pride.”

Thousands of colorful pins, each representing a distinct land-use project, blanket the Valley landscape and reveal why the firm is recognized as Arizona’s premier entitlement, zoning and real estate law practice. “It is a function of having the perfect combination of an amazing team coupled with outstanding clients. Our clients have been loyal to us for two decades,” says Morris. “I have zoned hospitals, rehabilitation centers and care homes. We have worked on stadiums and arenas and a variety of nonprofits. But I do not think it is any one case, so much as the totality of being able to drive down the street and appreciate Withey Morris’ huge impact on the landscape of the city.” Read more...