2 men make Gilbert safer for bicyclists

Withey Morris partner and Gilbert Chamber of Commerce board member Adam Baugh is working to make the town’s roads safer for cycling. After Adam’s friend, Evan Stubbart, was hit by a car riding his bike on Greenfield Road in Gilbert, the two decided to raise more awareness about cycling and the law which requires vehicles to give three feet of spacing to cyclists. They raised $35,000 to donate to a local non-profit (The Gilbert Parks and Recreation Foundation), and through that group, they partnered with the town of Gilbert on a bicycle safety campaign.

The emphasis on the campaign has been awareness and education. It started with placing the attached pictured signs in the area near Evan’s bike accident and other roads in town with the most bike accidents (Gilbert Road and Guadalupe). They used the town’s accident data and Strava heat maps to determine those locations (see attached map image). Their next step is to create a digital PSA campaign, more signage, and some green painted bike lanes. Read more